In November 2021, the Austrian Federal Government decided to participate in Expo 2025 in Osaka and appointed former Federal Minister Dr. Ursula Plassnik as honorary Commissioner General. Expo 2025 creates a platform for Austria to generate a wide range of opportunities in the areas of internationalization, location, innovation and research, to promote networking with international decision-makers and to position the offerings of Austrian companies and institutions worldwide.

The Austrian contribution to Expo 2025 focuses on the interaction between relationships, people and ideas and creates new partnerships that foster innovation, build business opportunities, expand R&D collaborations and support the achievement of the SDGs.

The space for the Austrian pavilion is 900 m² and is located between the pavilions of Switzerland and Ukraine in the section "Empowering Lives".

For the project finding process, a realisation competition had been announced throughout the EU, in which 31 teams from all creative fields participated. The required tasks included the architecture of the pavilion, the conception of the exhibition as well as the design and integration of the outdoor spaces into the exhibition.

An interdisciplinary jury of experts recommended the project "Composing the Future" under the lead of BWM Designers & Architects for realisation.

Signing the contract for Expo 2025 Osaka

© Expo Austria/Alexander Haiden

The focus is on common strengths of Austria and Japan, such as sustainable production, green technologies, life sciences, start-ups and the cultural and creative industries.

Why is Austria participating in an Expo?

Austria's participation in EXPO 2025 makes a significant contribution to 'nation branding' with an international audience.

The appearance offers the opportunity to present Austria's strengths such as innovative strength and creativity, research capacities and a high-quality educational offer to an international audience. At the same time, the economic performance and tourist attractiveness of Austria are conveyed.

Bild Osaka Ausstellungsinsel